Useful Information about Making Insurance Claims

Insurance is there to act as a financial safety net, so when you need to make a claim and your claim gets rejected, it is important to seek legal advice to find out if you have a case to make a claim for compensation.  Even if you are simply having difficulty with your insurer, you can help to move the situation along by contacting a lawyer for help and the same should be done if your benefits have not been paid in full. Law firm Maurice Blackburn insurance claim lawyers are an example of the type of law firm you will need to contact for help and advice, and they will be able to work with you to resolve your case to get you the money you are owed.

money you owed

You will need to source a law firm that has lots of experience with working on this type of case.

Here are some of the different types of insurance that can lead to disputes:

  • Home and contents cover
  • Travel insurance
  • Sick and health insurance
  • Accident cover
  • Car cover

Car cover Insurance Claims

Home & Contents

Home and contents insurance is a popular type of cover to have in place that can lead to disputes between the insurance company and the person who has taken out the cover. Lots of people insure their home against damage whether they rent or own their property and this will often cover the contents inside the house, which can lead to a lot of disputes in the wake of a burglary or fire.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is popular with anyone going overseas and this can be taken out with either an online insurance company or a travel agent.

Making Travel Insurance  Claims

Sick, Health & Accident

Lots of people take out sickness as well as accident insurance from employers, unions and sports club as is often referred to as consumer credit insurance.

Car and Other Vehicles

This type of insurance will cover you for damaged caused both to your car and by your car.

Another popular type of insurance that can cause a problem for people wanting to claim is business insurance. This is taken out by business owners who want to cover their stock, loss of profits, property or their accounting expenses.

Car and Other Vehicles

You should seek legal help to find out if you are in a position to make a claim and here are some of the most commonly asked questions relating to insurance claims that you might want to ask your lawyer:

  • What paperwork do you need?
  • How long will a claim take?
  • Can I make an appeal to the court?
  • Can I complain to the insurance company to resolve the case rather than take legal action?

complain insurance company

We take out insurance to cover us financially in the event that something unforeseen occurs, which is why not being able to make a claim can be so frustrating and it is vital to seek legal assistance to get the case resolved.